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    UPS by watt group

    UPS uninterruptible power supply Uninterruptible power supply Uninterruptible power supplies with batteries and uninterruptible power supply are electrical devices that provide emergency power to a load when the mains supply fails. A UPS is different from an uninterruptible power system or an emergency power system. or a backup generator, which will help prevent interference from surges. energy by supplying the energy stored in the battery Battery runtime in most uninterruptible power supplies is short. It's only a few minutes (just a few minutes), but it's enough to properly turn off the damage-protected device.

    UPS can help prevent dangers that may occur to electrical equipment such as computers or servers caused by unstable power systems such as power cuts, power outages, or power failures. The power supply is not full current by the UPS will adjust the current to a good level so that the electrical equipment can work continuously.


    • Use backup power for use in case of power failure. or a momentary power outage, the UPS will be able to supply backup power to connected electrical equipment for a short period of time.
    • Used as an AC to DC inverter (Rectifier) ​​or a battery charger (Charger) to convert the AC electricity received from the power supply system. into DC electricity and charged to the battery.
    • Used as a DC to AC inverter (Inverter) will convert the DC electricity received from the battery. It is AC electricity to use with electrical equipment or computers.


    • To supply backup power to electrical and electronic equipment When there is a power outage or a power failure To have time to save data and not waste hard disk.
    • to adjust the voltage to a level that is not harmful to electrical and electronic equipment When there are electrical problems such as power cuts, blackouts, power surges and overloads, etc.
    • This is to prevent electrical interference that can damage data and electrical equipment.
    • To help extend the life of electrical equipment, IT equipment and electronic equipment.
    • Allows to save data (Save) of open data files.
    • Does not cause data and program operation errors
    • Able to shutdown the computer system in steps