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    "Uninterruptible Power Supply" or "UPS" stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply. If translated literally, it means a continuous power source. In essence, a UPS is a type of electrical device that can supply electricity to electrical devices or computers continuously, even during power outages or electrical issues. It can receive and distribute electrical power under all conditions. The key components of a UPS include:

    1. Uninterruptible Power Supply - batteries are used to reserve electricity for use in case of power outages or fluctuations. The UPS can provide backup power to connected electrical devices for a short period.

    2. AC to DC power converter (Rectifier) or battery charger - it converts the alternating current (AC) received from the power supply system into direct current (DC) and charges it in the battery.

    3. DC to AC power inverter - it converts the DC power received from the battery into AC power for use with electrical devices or computers.


    • Helps in saving open file data.
    • Prevents data loss or program errors.
    • Allows for a systematic shutdown of the computer system.
    • Helps in extending the lifespan of computers and connected devices.