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    UPS Ablerex TS Series

    The Ablerex TS Parallel Redundancy Online UPS features True Double Conversion Design for total load isolation, Dual Input for optimal load protection and 3-level intelligent charging mode, is the pefect solution for data centre, and mission critical equipment and computer loads.
    - 3 Level IGBT Technology
    - Up to 6 units Power Scalable and Parallel Redundancy
    - Common Battery Bank or Individual Battery Bank Configurable
    - Intelligent 3-level Charging Modes
    - True Online Technology for Maximum Power Protection
    - Power Peak Shaving and Load Levelling
    - Build-in Energy Storage System (ESS) Function
    - Up to 96% Efficiency in Double Conversion Mode
    - Near Unity Input Power Factor
    - Low Input Harmonic Distortion, THDi <3%
    - Full Load Rated No Break Dual Solid-State Static Switch
    - Intelligent Battery Management